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For Immediate Release:
Bonoboville, California: November 18, 2014
Contact: David Rossi Email: bonoboville@gmail.com Phone: 310-568-0066

HBO Sexologist Dr. Susan Block Launches 'The Bonobo Way'

As beheadings, bombings, murder and mayhem bloody the news again and again, many call for more blood while others wonder: Could there be another way? With the recent launch of her newest book, The Bonobo Way: The Evolution of Peace through Pleasure (Gardner & Daughter Publishers) in Kindle format and paperback, internationally acclaimed and controversial sex educator Dr. Susan Block offers an exciting, alternative view of human sexuality, war, peace and community, inspired by a role model who isn’t even human: our closest genetic cousin, the bonobo.

With a provocative, humorous and engaging style that makes science fun and ecology erotic, The Bonobo Way boldly asks: What do these great apes know about sex, war and the rest of life that we don’t?

Here are some things we know about bonobos:

They have a lot of sex.

They never kill each other.

They empower the females.

They stay younger longer.

They live in peace through pleasure.

And we thought humans were the smartest apes!

For decades, scientists, philosophers and filmmakers have used the “killer ape” paradigm to explain why humans murder, make war, bomb and behead each other, and supposedly always will. Sure, our common chimp cousins kill, but do they tell the whole story?

Luckily, they don’t. The Bonobo Way shows the other side of the primate story, presenting the bonobos as an exciting new great ape paradigm for humanity that could change the world… or at least improve your love life.

“First things first, this book is really good,” opines Sex at Dawn author Christopher Ryan. “Sexy and fun… damned smart too!” Cheered as “marvelous” by Happy Hooker author Xaviera Hollander, “fascinating, inspiring and completely unique” by Urban Tantra author Barbara Carrellas, and “brilliant” by former Pakistani ambassador to the United States Sherry Rehman, The Bonobo Way brings together pleasure, politics and primatology.

From the lush depths of the Congo rainforest to the satin sheets of your own bedroom, Dr. Block takes you on an unprecedented and fascinating journey into an erotic, peaceful paradise on Earth. Powerful yet playful, heartfelt but science-based, she weaves stories, studies, theories and fantasies into possibilities and a practical path of action, presenting a very different kind of “12-Step Program” to release your “inner bonobo,” help save the real bonobos from extinction and energize all facets of your life.

“Think of it as Jane Goodall After Dark,” says American Revolution producer Tom Quinn. “I love every page of The Bonobo Way. It’s a real page-turner and turn on,” says Christian Bruyère, Champions of the Wild producer. Read it and learn to swing through the jungles of life, practice the “bonobo sutra” and conquer your demons—between the sheets, out in the world and even in the darkest corners of your mind. Whether you follow all the steps or just a few, you’ll find that life is a lot more fun when you release your inner bonobo.

“All those interested in human happiness should read this book,” says Body Pleasure and the Origins of Violence author James W. Prescott, Ph.D. Whether you don’t know bonobos from bananas, or you think you know all about these amazing creatures, The Bonobo Way will show you the way to a happier, healthier, sexier life, and a more peaceful, sustainable culture.

Read more praise for The Bonobo Way and excerpts from reviews here: http://thebonobowaybook.com/reviews

Get The Bonobo Way on Kindle here: http://www.amazon.com/Bonobo-Way-Evolution-through-Pleasure-ebook/dp/B00ODR23WE/

Get The Bonobo Way paperback first edition: http://www.amazon.com/The-Bonobo-Way-Evolution-Pleasure/dp/0692323767/

See The Bonobo Way release video clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=adB9pi9LwF8


Dr. Susan Block is available for comment or interview by contacting:
David L. Rossi
Phone: 310.568.0066
Email: Bonoboville@gmail.com
Website: http://thebonoboway.com



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