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Is Better Sex Possible?

Los Angeles, California: April 29, 2015—Gardner & Daughters Publishers is proud to announce their latest release, The Bonobo Way: The Evolution of Peace through Pleasure, an acclaimed new book by international sex therapist Dr. Susan Block, known for her HBO specials, cable shows and unique approach to sex therapy, as well as her legendary bacchanalian soirées.

Called “the Erin Brockovich of the Bonobo” (Salon) and “Jane Goodall After Dark” (TQ), when Dr. Block first saw bonobos in 1993 on PBS, she fell in love. She embarked upon a two-decade study of what she began calling “The Bonobo Way,” emphasizing how “peace through pleasure” and other principles of bonobo culture can be applied to enhance the quality and sustainability of human life. Originally snubbed by primatologists for its “erotic anthropomorphism” of our closest genetic cousins, the Bonobo Way is now becoming a world-wide movement toward a more open, empathetic, female-empowered, ecosexual and peaceful society.

“It’s a new great ape paradigm,” explains Yale graduate Dr. Block. “For decades, humanity has used the ‘killer ape’ model of violent, male-dominant common chimpanzees to explain human murder, war, sexual shaming, broken marriages and lousy relationships. Now enter the bonobos who have a lot of consensual sex, empower the females and have never been seen killing each other. Bonobos break the old paradigm and give us a vision of what we can be.”

In The Bonobo Way, Dr. Block provides a roadmap to a “bonobo sutra” of possibilities for the individual and society. Mixing pleasure, politics and primatology with an engaging style that makes science fun and ecology erotic, the book draws upon a wealth of primate studies, stories and Dr. Block’s own personal experiences with bonobos, as well as relevant accounts from her private therapy practice, radio and TV shows, her own marriage of over 23 years, and her celebrated sex salons, renowned for creating a sense of “communal ecstasy,” giving participants a glimpse into “the bonoboësque” in human terms.

From the lush depths of the Congo rainforest to the satin sheets of the human bedroom, The Bonobo Way takes readers on an unprecedented journey into bonobo culture, with side trips into a variety of human “Bonobovilles” from LA to Tehran. The book’s second half presents a very different kind of “12-Step Program,” one designed to “release your inner bonobo,” whether within a monogamous marriage or an alternative lifestyle. Steps and subchapters include “Go Bonobos in Bed,” “Swing through the Jungles of Life, “Bonobo Gals Pick Up the Check,” “50 Shades of Bonobo,” “Trust Kills Lust,” “Puritans like Poachers Shoot to Kill Your Inner Bonobo” and “Love the Earth You Make Love On.”

The last step involves conservation on a personal and global scale: “Save the Bonobos, Save the World.” “If we save the bonobos, they will reciprocate,” maintains Dr. Block. “They will show us the way to a happier, healthier, sexier life and a more peaceful, sustainable culture.”


“Bravo to Dr. Block for paving the way to a hopefully more bonobo future.”
—Vanessa Woods, author of Bonobo Handshake

“Sexy and fun… damned smart too!”
—Christopher Ryan, Ph.D., author of Sex at Dawn

“I love every page of The Bonobo Way!”
—Christian Bruyère, producer of Champions of the Wild

“Brilliant book. Enjoyed it thoroughly.”
—Sherry Rehman, Vice President of Pakistan People’s Party and former Pakistani ambassador to the U.S.

“The Bonobo Way is a pleasure on all counts… and especially significant at this time.”
--Dr. Serena Anderlini-D’Onofrio, Ecosexuality movement leader and author of Gaia

“Marvelous! A happy book for a happy life in a happier world.”
--Xaviera Hollander, author of The Happy Hooker

“A refreshing must-read… Dr. Susan Block pushes the envelope and brings us the truth about bonobos and ourselves—with wit, intelligence and sex-positivity all balancing on a fulcrum of fascinating hard science.”
—Dr. Patti Britton, leading AASECT sex therapist

“A delightful and insightful look at how our closest genetic cousins embrace sexual pleasure.”
—Dr. Betty Dodson, feminist icon

“Block’s lifelong love affair with the bonobo leaps from its pages.”
—Lisa Barrow, The Alibi weekly.

“Brims with humor, personality, and great advice."
—Polly Whittaker, founder of Kinky Salon and author of Polly: Sex Culture Revolutionary

“All those interested in human happiness should read this great and timely book.”
—Dr. James W. Prescott, neuropsychologist

The Bonobo Way is available in kindle and paperback on Amazon or direct from the publisher. A portion of all proceeds from book sales goes to Lola ya Bonobo, The Bonobo Conservation Initiative and other organizations actively helping to protect and save the highly endangered wild bonobos from extinction.


Tired of conventional sexuality experts? Dr. Block is available for comment or interview by contacting:
David L. Rossi
Phone: 310.568.0066



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