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For Immediate Release:
Bonoboville, California: November 11, 2014
Contact: David Rossi   Email: bonoboville@gmail.com  Phone: 310-568-0066

HBO Sexologist Dr. Susan Block Celebrates Launch of 
'The Bonobo Way' with Free Kindle Giveaway Nov 12-16

Following a spectacular launch party for Dr. Susan Block's newest book, The Bonobo Way: The Evolution of Peace through Pleasure, Gardner & Daughter Publishers announces its offer of a Kindle version of the book for free download November 12-16. The first edition paperback is also now available through Amazon.

With dazzling fire play, bondage theater, Sybian rides and a convivial open bar,  Bonoboville re-opened its Speakeasy boho-bonobo style, celebrating the launch of The Bonobo Way, Dr. Block's husband Max's birthday and the positive wisdom of the "Make Love Not War" great apes. The exciting, fun-filled event included Hollywood glamour-gal Amor Hilton, comedian/producer Paul Provenza, sexologist/author Dr. Shelley Hiestand, Stripperella artist Anthony Winn, "Unlicensed Professionals" Catherine Imperio and Samantha Fairley, "Champions of the Wild" producer Christian Bruyère, fire-breathing performance artist Dark Phoenix and many members of Southern California's sex-positive communities.

The Bonobo Way offers a new way to look at life in an ever-changing world dominated by wars and shifts in governments and lifestyles. "First things first, this book is really good," opines Sex at Dawn author Christopher Ryan. "Sexy and fun... damned smart too!" Called "marvelous" by Happy Hooker author Xaviera Hollander and "brilliant" by former Pakistani ambassador to the United States Sherry Rehman, The Bonobo Way brings together pleasure, politics and primatology. Rooted in the peace-loving, matriarchal culture of the bonobo, one of humans' closest cousins (it's not just chimps!), the book guides readers to finding erotic power, inner peace and maybe even "Peace on Earth."

The bonobos have lived in the Congo basin for about two millennia, but only in recent years have we begun to learn some astonishing facts about these creatures, the last of the great apes to be discovered by science, providing a very different primate paradigm for humanity from the old "killer ape" model. Unlike all the other apes, bonobos have never been seen killing each other in the wild or captivity. They also have a lot of sex and some of it is even related to keeping the peace! They empower the females and enjoy strong relationships, all while sharing food, good grooming and erotic reconciliation. Bonobos also share almost 99 percent of their DNA with us, but still seem to find a way around murder and war. How do they do that? And can we do it too?

Dr. Block's unique and stimulating "12-step program" is aimed at just that. "Think of it as Jane Goodall After Dark," says American Revolution producer Tom Quinn. Read it and learn to swing through the jungles of life, practice the "bonobo sutra" and conquer your demons-between the sheets, out in the world and even in the darkest corners of your mind. Whether you follow all the steps or just a few, you'll find that life is a lot more fun when you release your inner bonobo.

Unfortunately, the wild bonobos are highly endangered, and the ultimate step is to save those that can help us save ourselves. Pick bonobos over killer apes and love over war. Pick up The Bonobo Way.

Read more praise for The Bonobo Way and excerpts from reviews here:http://thebonobowaybook.com/reviews

Get the Free Kindle of The Bonobo Way here: http://www.amazon.com/Bonobo-Way-Evolution-through-Pleasure-ebook/dp/B00ODR23WE/

Get amazing photos from The Bonobo Way launch party here:http://thebonoboway.com/party. If you need higher resolution for your publication, please contact us.




Dr. Block is available for comment or interview by contacting:

David L. Rossi
Phone: 310.568.0066
Email: Bonoboville@gmail.com
Website: http://thebonoboway.com



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